Virtual Office

The Virtual Office is one of our services, which is an ideal solution for everyone of you, who work in their own office or are often travelling and thus do not require a stationary office. Thanks to this service you will have the possibility of registering your firm or activity under a prestigious adress in a very good location in Cracow.

You will have a full right of using this address in every professional issue related to your firm, such as in cases of business contacts or when taking care of official or banking matters. If such need occurs, you can also use our comfortable office areas. You just need to rent an office for a specified amount of time, which you need to complete your work. We are not interested if it is an hour a day, or maybe only two days a month.

The money you pay is only calculated for the actual time spent in one of our offices of your choice. They are equipped in every needed appliance and the access to wireless Interned, which you can use without limit, which can allow a professional organization of work. We always guarantee a pleasant atmosphere and competitive, attractive prices for our services.