Secretary Office

To fulfill your requirements and ensuring maximum comfort, beside a prestigious address and a access to an office at any moment, we are glad to offer you running a secretary office. We will take care of any matters concerning receiving your mail and phone calls. We also use a fax.

Any invoices, packages or letters, which we receive on your behalf, will be put at a safe spot, where they will await collection. You also will be informed immediately of any packages, faxes, invoices and telephones as soon as they arrive at the office. Most of the times we will send you an e-mail with the information.

Should it happen, that a client would arrive at our office in your absence, you shall be informed of the fact by phone call and the client will be appointed for a meeting at a date of your choice. We will cope with any tasks regarding running a secretary office, in order to unburden you from the less important issues concerning running a company. You will then be able to take care of the crucial elements of your job properly. We invite you to contact us and cooperate.