Forming a company

When creating a company you have to, primarily, take care of a lot of formalities and make sure that many detailed actions are handled properly. It is thus essential to have the knowledge and skills adequate for understanding all the rules and regulations related to forming a company. If you do not know, where to start or you do not have the time to take care of the process personally, it can be profitable to turn to firms, which specialize in the matter, and this process will be for them a proverbial “piece of cake”.

Our firm offers you a professional service like this. We always offer simple advice as well. We guarantee you a full legal service from start to finish. We will take care of all the formalities, collect all documents needed, reliably fill the forms and prepare a full partnership agreement.

We will deal with the matters related to the tax office, such as receiving the NIP number, registering the VAT, we will report the company to the Statistical Office to obtain REGON, organize a meeting at the notary office. All we will require from you are the required signatures. You can count on our full support reasonable pricing. We approach each client individually.