Registering a Company

Company formation, especially in our country, is not a simple task. Many public offices are having numerous requirements, often such, that are incomprehensible for an average citizen. An additional difficulty is the regulations, which everyone interprets in their own way. The conditions presented in the in the Act of the National Register of Court is one thing, and the other is what is required by “those at the top”. The statements, conclusions, declarations – not every one of us can handle the overgrown formal aspect. Here is where we come in – the firm Virtual Office Abix Consultant. Our company has been helping the registration/formation of enterprises for many, many years. We realise the difficulties related to the process and help our clients at every step, starting at the preparation of necessary documents and finishing on submitting them at the right offices. When you leave the task of registering your firm to us, you no longer have to worry of any detail. Our experts will quickly, efficiently and, most of all, carefully and faithfully code with any aspect of the process of registering. We register any possible type of company: general, limited, limited joint-stock, limited liability, joint stock, partnership and civil partnership companies. Since the regulations are annually made more difficult for the client, we have had the opportunity to work with many clients. In addition, we serve with our knowledge and experience in case of any doubt. We invite you to consult our experts. We guarantee satisfaction.