The firm Abix Consultant offers you professional and complex bookkeeping services. In this offer are included:

-         developing a chart of accounts,

-         strict control of documentation in a formal and accounting manner,

-         running the bookkeeping accordingly to the firm policy,

-         monthly settling of the VAT and income tax,

-         records of equipments and fixed assets,

-         preparing documentation for the National Register of Court and other institutions,

-         preparing financial statements,

-         preparation of tax reports along with their delivery to the Tax Office,

-         running the general and auxiliary ledger,

-         opening and closing the of the current regulations,

-         attribution of documents to the appropriate synthetic and analythical accounts,

-         registry of the service and goods taxes,

-         preparation of the VAT registry for sales and purchases,

First of all, we guarantee individual approach to every client, best solutions, which will help optimizing firm finance and attractive prices for our services. Everything will be done in a friendly atmosphere, as we value the trust of our customers. If you are interested in cooperating, we sincerely invite you to contact us.