Legal services

A professional, complex service in legal issues has a great influence on the success of your economic activity. Our firm offers you full support on the legal side. We serve not only with advice, but we mainly run the processes of e.g. company formation, or firm registration. Amongst our duties will be completing any important documents, preparing agreements or contacting institutions. Your share of duties will be basing in great part on signing the documents. In the legal service offer, we ensure:

- preparing all kinds of letters, appeals, calls and requests

- assistance in the case of any disputes with contractors, institutions,

- effective debt collection,

- preparing commercial contracts,

- a permanent, professional contact with you,

- preparing legal opinions,

- advice on the optimization of the company’s finances, optimizing ZUS, VAT, PIT and CIT,

- advice on negotiating contracts, verifying counterparties or attracting investors,

Our work bases on experience of many years and passion for our work. We treat our clients with all the respect and approach each of them individually. We invite you for cooperation.